London Heathrow Terminal 2 – The Queen’s Terminal is a new airport terminal at London Heathrow Airport, the main airport serving London, United Kingdom. The new development was originally named Heathrow East Terminal, and occupies the sites where the previous Terminal 2 and the Queen’s Building stood. It was designed by Luis Vidal + Architects (LVA) and opened on 4 June 2014. Terminal 1 is due to close to passengers in 2015 however as Terminal 1’s baggage system is used by Terminal 2 part of it will remain operational. At some later, but currently undefined, stage Terminal 2 will be expanded on the current Terminal 1 site.

The original Terminal 2 opened in 1955 as the Europa Building and was the airport’s oldest terminal.

Terminal 2 has plenty to offer to passengers that are arriving into the country or to those that are leaving. Terminal 2 offers lucrative restaurants, designer shopping outlets and also a wide range of facilities. If you would like to know more about any of these please click the link below.

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