London Heathrow Terminal 1 – is an airport terminal at London Heathrow Airport, serving the capital city of London, used by 9 airlines including British Airways and certain members of Star Alliance. After 26 October 2014, Terminal 1 will be used by just four airlines, for 21 daily flights to 12 destinations: British Airways, El Al, IcelandAir and Tam.

Terminal 1 was opened in 1968 and was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II in May 1969. At the time Terminal 1 was the biggest short-haul terminal of its kind in Western Europe.[1] In 2005, a substantial redesign and redevelopment of Terminal 1 was completed, which saw the opening of the new Eastern Extension, doubling the departure lounge in size and creating additional seating and retail space.

Terminal 1 has plenty to offer to passengers that are arriving into the country or to those that are leaving. Terminal 1 offers lucrative restaurants, designer shopping outlets and also a wide range of facilities. If you would like to know more about any of these please click the link below.

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