There are several long-stay and short-term parking options on Heathrow Airport grounds, with even more available from private operations in the surrounding area. If you are planning to book parking, consult this printable airport parking map provided by the Heathrow Airport Authority.

The route to all car parks are clearly signposted. These are the main types of parking available on Heathrow Airport Grounds:

Short-Stay Parking
Best-suited for picking up or dropping off passengers, there are short-term car parks within walking distance of all terminals. Parking can be purchased for as little as 30 minutes.

Long-Stay Parking
Heathrow’s long-stay parking options are intended for those planning to drive to the airport before leaving London for at least a couple of days. The long-stay car parks are set back slightly from the terminals, but parking includes free transfers directly to your terminal. Long-stay rates offer the best value for money.

Business Parking
This class of parking is great for business travellers – or anyone else looking for a bit of added convenience. These car parks are closer than the long-stay car parks, but they’re still more affordable than the short-term options. They also feature more frequent transfer services so that you can whisk in, connect to your terminal and be on your way. Terminal 5’s business car park even features an innovative automated pod system for transfer to the terminal.

Valet Parking
This is Heathrow’s premium parking service. Simply pull up to drop-off point and hand your car over to the valet. It will be safely parked on airport grounds. A meet-and-greet service is also available in the short-term car parks for minimal fuss.