Unofficial Guide to London Heathrow

Car Rental Tips

  • Use The Internet: When it come to searching for the best car rental options in London. The internet provides the best and quickest place to do so. Car rental websites offer secure online booking and a list of phone numbers you can ring if you would rather book over the phone.


  • Choose The Right Class Of Car: The car rental websites provide vehicle profiles of all the vehicles on their fleet. You should use these to determine the right size vehicle. Although the smallest car may be the cheapest and easier to handle you have to think does it accommodate the driver, passengers and everybody’s luggage.


  • Know Your Dates: Make sure to check and check again your arrival the departure dates don’t make the mistake of booking a day early because you forgot to account for an overnight flight.


  • Book Early: It would be a good idea to start looking up prices as soon as you know your dates of travel to London. Waiting until the last moment rarely will give you a better price. Check with car rental companies offering fully inclusive rates to get the best overall price.


  • Know Your Credit Card Benefits: Some credit card companies do not charge an international fee. This is something that can save you money.


  • Decide On Your Transmission: Manual transmission or stick shift is the common vehicle in England. So if you would feel more comfortable in an automatic make sure you select this option upon booking. Also Automatics normally cost more than a manual.


  • Consider A Sat Nav: GPS Devices or Satellite Navigation can help you to reach your destination or at least make sure you are going the right way. Consider adding Sat Nav to your rental.


  • Order A Child Seat: These are able to be added to your rental when booking or when you arrive at the car rental desk, so there is no need to carry around your own while you travel.


  • Choose The Right Insurance: Many people carry credit cards that will cover car rental insurance when they travel. If you decide to use you cards insurance make sure that you understand their terms of use. Also provide written confirmation from your credit card company stating that this is ok.


  • Write Or Call With Questions: Car rental companies are very familiar with questions travellers ask. If you have any questions or quires don’t hesitate to call they will gladly help you and it would also speed up your rental process in the long run.